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My husband started waxing when he was working on cruise ships, removing every hair below the neck. It was something most guys did on the cruise ships, and he liked it.

Now he does it in the summer, when it gets hot. He's switched to sugaring because it's gentler. Sometimes he shaves, in which case he does it himself, but usually he prefers sugaring because the effects last longer and the hairs grow back thinner. He also likes feeling pampered by having someone work on him.

The reason? In general, he's a person who just really likes smooth skin. He's always been turned off by body hair. Also, he finds that having no hair is good for cooling. The only reason he stops in the winter is the loss of insulation.

He's got a good practitioner now, but he's definitely had trouble getting people to do it in the past. A lot of practitioners get really squeamish about handling man parts.
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