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Originally Posted by nurseypoo1 View Post
She applied for and got a loan to pay for his new plow...about $6000. It was not discussed with me ahead of time. We always talk about serious purchases. So i am resigned to accepting that its progressing. Who the hell gets a loan for "just a friend"? I also thought that mayb it was a way of saying thank u for letting her live with us. Wut theory do u believe is more correct? Honesty appreciated...opinions accepted. Thanks guys!!!
You're correct that it's not something one typically does for a friend. It's not unheard of, some people don't have a good sense of reason. Since she had to take out a loan, it's fair to assume she's not just so rich that $6000 is a drop in the piggy bank.

To play Devil's advocate, one possible reaction is that this is a business decision, not a marital decision. I don't know how involved you are in his business, but he may not have perceived it as something to discuss with you because it's his business. I'm not saying you're unjustified for feeling the way you did, just that I can see another point of view.

To be honest, my strongest reaction at this point is more that this woman makes bad decisions. Like you said, who the hell takes out a $6000 loan for a friend? Did he co-sign? Did he sign a contract that he will repay it? What's to stop you and your husband from walking away with the truck, leaving her holding the loan with no collateral? I'm not suggesting you might do that, you don't seem like a bad person. But really, it's kind of a boner move on her part...

Another concern is that if she does not pay off the loan with the money you eventually repay her, then the truck can be repossessed. My suggestion there is that you make the payments directly to the bank, rather than giving her the money. The bank won't care if you have cancelled cheques made out to her with a memo that says "loan repayment" ... if they don't get their money, they'll take the collateral.
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