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Well, sort of. I wasn't looking for an outside relationship, poly or otherwise, to improve my failing marriage. I stumbled into one (I did not meet my bf online in a dating forum; I was researching a story for an article I was writing and met him as a resource).

And yes, absolutely, I want/need/insist upon my ability to be happy by myself, with myself. I am ultimately responsible for my own feelings, fulfillment, and happiness.

I think I can be happy with myself and also wish for more companionship. One of the things I am working on in therapy is the novel concept of "I get to want what I want!" with no guilt and shame for the wanting. Doesn't mean I'm going to get what I want, or that it will look exactly the way I think it's going to.

I know your comment is well-intentioned, but it comes across a bit as trying to shame me for having wants, needs, and feelings. I've done enough of that to myself for years. Kinda not going to accept it from someone else at this point.
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