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Seattle Children's Hospital is great. They talk to you so you can understand everything. They also assign you a Social Worker from moment 1, to help with anything and everything you need. Yes, they can help with lodging, some transportation stuff, and even some food.

The Social Worker is also going to be there to help the Kid, deal with things, get him any and all help he needs, and to work with him on his Make a Wish thing. (seems every kid diagnosed gets this now) not just some, which is really cool.

We have a very strong community network here, so am going to put out some feelers for help, specifically dog sitting when we are in Seattle, and see what other support is out there. We are not well off, probably in the lower middle class tax bracket right now..

I am heading into my woods again tomorrow. I need to find a log to sit on and just decompress. I can not do that with R around, she feels guilty like she is causing my pain, and stress, no matter how much I assure her that is not the case.

Again, we both have issues with organized religion, and Christianity as a whole, so no, we have no church connections.. however, again, the community is a tight knit as any I have seen. So I am hoping without to much effort, the help will begin to trickle in.

I am off to go exercise my dog... he was locked in his crate for over 12 hours yesterday while we were gone... he was sure the world had ended, and he would be left to starve, lmao... So some extra attention for him as well.
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