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Default Let's have a Drink

Update...PK and Terry ended up at the same bar (unintentionally) and had a drink...that's all I know as of now.

I am curious as to if they had a discussion about their fear is that if I ask, PK may think I'm trying to ask to see how can I help...i.e. give advise on how to proceed. But that's not the case, I just want to know if they talked and what was the outcome...if they did.

My question is should I just ask about the conversation or leave it alone? It is her relationship and I don't want to seem pushy, but I am curious.

SIDENOTE: Our initail conversation was brief and interrupted by it was in the morning when we were both trying to get ready for work. Also, she sometimes think that our conversations are completed...I think this is why we didn't continue the conversation at a later time.
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