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I have been doing a lot of soul searching the past few days. With several people on here thinking that its progressing...i have had to explore my feelings and fears about that. I have come to terms with the fact that it probably is. And i believe i have even accepted it probably has and will continue to do so. I have let go of my fears about it. I just dont know how to tell them that i am ok with it. I dont know how to bring it up to her...more specifically. I have already mentioned it to him.
I am sure, though, that its progressing. History: my hubby is self employed. Only plows snow in winter...and makes a lot of money doing so. Had to sell old truck and buy new one and didnt have a plow. Things happened...people had financial issues...and backed out of jobs that would have bought the new plow. He was seriously considering going to Florida for work for the winter. She applied for and got a loan to pay for his new plow...about $6000. It was not discussed with me ahead of time. We always talk about serious purchases. So i am resigned to accepting that its progressing. Who the hell gets a loan for "just a friend"? I also thought that mayb it was a way of saying thank u for letting her live with us. Wut theory do u believe is more correct? Honesty appreciated...opinions accepted. Thanks guys!!!

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