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Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
Reading all of your posts and especially a select few, i see what you all mean. I lost who i am because i changed, im not who i was 2 years ago. I changed and i accept that, im a better person and i didnt even know it.

What made me realize it is that i had the chance to be with a girl ive loved for as long as ive known her but she was with one of my best friends. Well theyve been broken up and i couldve brough her here and been with her but instead, i analyzed their problem and fixed it. I brought them happiness instead of myself.

I realize that ill never be who i was because im not that person anymore. Im a different person and ill never change for anyone. Thanks everyone, i really appreciate it
Oh I am so impressed with you.. what a hard thing to go through. All these crap times in life are like gifts I think. They bring you closer to yourself and to those that really matter.

Good for you, giving really makes the heart stronger... and more often than not is comes back to you in the most amazing ways.

Glad your thoughts are shifting and you are moving forward.
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