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Just a short update.

Sward's and my time is still severely limited right now. I don't like that, but I can't do something about it. Everyone is immersed in work and obligations. Waiting for the weekend to come.

Tuesday was my birthday. The day itself was hectic but in the evening we were invited for dinner at my parents house and celebrated a bit. Sward came in late because he had his treatments for his back pain. I liked how everyone was able to talk totally normal and free with each other, even though I went there with Lin first. My mother seems to handle 'us' way better if no outsiders are involved. It will get better from now on, I suppose

Later that evening I got my birthday wish fulfilled, meaning both signed up for a night on the couch and some individual couple activities right beforehand. It was no problem at all. Everyone had this short moment of “Shouldn't it be weird to sleep with one, then the other and finally cuddle on the sofa all three of us?” but it just wasn't. I spend the night rolling from one side to the other and spoon cuddle them.

We talked about Christmas as well. The parents of my BiL will be with us this year. They are an older couple, his father is suffering the repercussions of a stroke and his mother just needs some company during that time of the year. The more, the merrier I like it when families come together. Definitely looking forward to it.

And I got my first official grades (just part of those I will have to get in spring). Things are looking good, I guess I am prepared.
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