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You know how in the beginning of a mono relationship you become closer over time while dating, things become more personal and intimate. Hugs become kisses and so on and so on. How does that work when theres 3 people in involved?
It works the same way. Though, I'm an individualist. To me, there's no three party relationship, there's multiple individual relationships. Each person thinks and feels independently and has different boundaries that need to be respected by each person, regardless of how many people are in someone's circle of love.

How and when does it stop becoming friendship to relationship without sex being involved?
This is something I've been... not "struggling" with, but pondering on. On the other hand, I don't think any classification exactly fits the intricacies that come about when two people relate and I personally feel no need to make the distinction between those I love just because I happen to have or not have sex with them.

Every relationship evolves, and I don't like barring that evolution by labeling.
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