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Hrm. This is all out of my league -- not had it in my personal experience with a sick kid. Could the doc give tips?

Is is possible to look into near the hospital stay places -- ronald mcdonald houses or something? So you drive up one day but come back the next? Not have to do it all in the same day?

I saw the writing on the wall with my dad's mental health probs. I started attending a Unitarian church -- both for the uplift and for the being in community. When the fit hit the shan I was SO grateful to be able to make one phone call to the church and here came the casseroles, the sitters, the smooth the way people. They could not solve my dad problem but they COULD come out here to mow my lawn and pick up THOSE sticks for me so I could devote my focus to dad.

I've put in my time doing the food thing for the new mothers, the funerals, the shut ins, etc. So when it came time for ME to collect, I was totally fine in that department. Do either of you have church connections or friends who have them who would let you "borrow" on their church network in your time of need?

What about support via the school network? Would reaching out to his classmates help? At least turn up a dog sitter?

What about your work network? Would people at the office turn up a plant waterer or dog sitter?

Most of the time I find people are willing to help but don't now HOW to help or are waiting for the invitation to help because they do not want to intrude on what they perceive as a delicate time.

Hang in there.
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