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Been a super long day... am soooooooooo tired. Seattle Childrens Hospital is great, but we left the house at 4 am, and got back home at 7:30 pm. 125 miles each way, half of that in Seattle traffic.

He is staged at 2A, which means he is low risk. Cure rate is 90-95%

Now, how do we survive while commuting that distance every week and being gone from the house for 3 days at a time while he gets treatment??? We have two dogs that are as much a part of our family as they could possibly be....

Kid is still in denial really. R is an emotional wreck! I winked at her earlier today across the table, and she started bawling. I talked to her about doing a photo journal of this, and she liked the idea... so that starts tomorrow.

Still angry, but am so tired right now, not sure how to express it....

Thank you again for seeing me.
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