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Originally Posted by GreenMom View Post
Still casually chatting with/randomly flirting with Marty. In my oh so subtle (read: blunt as a.. uh... really blunt thing) way, I told him I'd be game for resuming our more intimate activities, and he should let me know when he was free. I'm firmly putting the ball in his court this time. Last time around, it was all on me to handle all scheduling, and half the time I got turned down, so... not going there again.
Good for you. I like your new attitude: No more wishy-washy! Ya wanna be with me, pursue me!

Originally Posted by GreenMom View Post
Is there some vibe you put off when you don't want to date that suddenly makes people interested?
Yeah, I think so. It probably has to do with being relaxed,not angling, hopeful, or desperate... and lots of guys like the challenge of chasing after the ones who don't seem so readily available. When we're giving off a vibe like, "Me, me, pick me!" it's just too easy. LOL.

Sounds like you're having fun. Happy for you!
The world opens up... when you do.

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