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TGIG and Annabelmore, I think you both misunderstood me. But maybe I was unclear. I certainly didn't mince words when I wrote earlier today on the other thread ( that I am NOT interested in a triad:

"That's off the table ... out of respect for my wife and HER relationship with HER GF. I have no interest in inserting myself more intimately and thereby torpedoing what they have. I suspect that would put at risk my wife's trust in and love for me quicker than anything. I'm not some horndog 'playing his cards right' in hopes of a steamy threesome. Fuck no. I just hope, if asked by a crafty therapist if I have designs on my wife's GF, that I can adequately allay any fears my wife has that I am that horndog cliche."

I agree there is probably no "ideal" poly relationship, but the one we're developing with my wife as the hinge show's promise as is.

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