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She is not living with him. They have lived together in the past but it didn't work for them. She and I have talked and do have a mutual respect for one another. I've also met her although I've not spent much time with her, I felt very comfortable being around her. I'm not sure what he's told her about me up 'til the point when I decided to move in. I presume there wasn't much said, although she knew of my existence in his life and that we visited eachother. It was actually she who suggested that we try this. And it's something he's always told me was the type of lifestyle he'd feel most comfortable and open in. It's just that we never really talked seriously about it. Probably because we hadn't been able to really put things together between the two of us up 'til now. So, obviously, it's now become very important to really put all this out on the table.
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