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Default guidelines

For us there are very few deal breakers.
Breaking the safe, sane and consensual code.

-unprotected sex (having fluid exchange with untested or known promiscuous persons who are not willing or able to produce clean test results)

- sex with someone who is compromised emotionally or can not consent especially kids, animals, dead people, mentally compromised or vegetative or coma state people (the deal breaker)

-intentional omission or fabrication of pertinent information.

-cheating on someone even if I know or the guys know the other spouse must also know and consent

-addicts and anyone who does hard drugs, (coke, crack, heroine, lsd, x, meth, or anything built in a lab, chronic irresponsible use of weed, alcohol, or shrooms). Moderate Responsible use of weed, alcohol or shrooms are ok.

-non consensual violence or abusiveness

Self honesty, communication, respect trifecta of a good start.
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