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I'm going into woo-woo land here. I can prove scientifically nothing I am about to write. If you are depressed, then you should absolutely keep seeking help, including western medications, for that. Depression does cause physical aching pain. There may also be emotional or mental causes for what you describe.

My theory, which I have absolutely no way of confirming, is that you are unusually sensitive to personal energy fields. And you may be a bit vampiric in a sense in that you need to interact via touch with other's fields. (Sounds creepy but is not meant in that way. I don't believe you are actually draining or hurting anyone.) You may also be putting out energy to others. Done in an uncontrolled, unconscious manner, this can drain you and possibly cause the muscle pains described. If you are empathetic, you may be sensing other's skin hunger or pain and drawing it into your own body. The empaths I know have to consciously shield themselves or they risk drawing in other folk's emotions - and emotions are often expressed in the body via pain or other sensations.

This can be managed. You can learn to shield yourself. (Wiccans in particular have several techniques for this. Buddhists have developed mediation techniques for various things to a very high level. You do not have to ascribe to the belief system for these things to work. They are tools, not ideologies.) You can learn to manage energy interactions with others. That is why I suggested to talk to energy workers, shamans, spirtual healers about this. Not all of them will get it or have any ideas for you. But I suspect some will.

Of course, keep common sense. If someone seems to be a total quack, well, then they are. Move away quickly if they seem grasping or pushy. Otherwise learn what you can from them and keep looking for teachers. If it works for you, then it works and that is what matters.
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