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How can I possibly convince him that it's just NRE? If he lets her go, he will always have that doubt. Wondering what it could have been. He will blame me for that.

I believe the only way to stop this from happening is to convince Flower to stay with him and let him be with me too. He will never let her go willingly and the only way for him to know if it is just NRE is for him to keep seeing her.

I want to talk to Flower. I want to show her that it can work. I want to convince her to keep trying poly. I feel like if I had met her sooner this wouldn't have happened. But I don't think I can convince her of anything other than that I am grasping at a man that is leaving me for her.

Leaf is making this decision WAY too fast I think. I want him to slow down and think this through. He is making a life changing decision. We are as married as you can be without the license. Joint finances for everything. We are hold a joint car loan, credit cards, bank accounts. We have a dog (thank goodness no kids). We have a completely intertwined life. As it stands he has to break all of that to be with her and he made this decision in a matter of two days.
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