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I most definitely do not have a problem telling him when i need some attention. And he is very good about giving it to me. So i am lucky in that aspect. But i usually dont even have to tell him. He said the only reason he called her and not me is becuz he knee i would still be sleeping and didnt want to wake me. I can understand that. They talk to each other first most days for this reason....they're both early birds. But this weekend it just REALLY bugged me.
As far as primary/secondary and all that go...i feel that i should definitely come first becuz i honestly do not see us as equals. It sounds bad i know...but we have been together for 15 years. I have put up with A LOT in that time. And i feel like i have paid my dues and deserve it and would be greatly offended to have someone come along and get the same amount of...or more...attention from him than i. I am his wife...his partner...and the mother of his children. That says TONS in my book. Fair? Not to everyone...but it is to me and he thinks so too. I am the one who has to deal with the struggles and bad i better at least get more good times. Lol.
And i brought up the topic of eventual emotions to him yesterday...he wanted to know where his wife went. Im afraid he thinks i dont love him anymore. At least thats HIS fear.
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