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Originally Posted by BraverySeeker View Post
As much as my wife keeps saying she feels so lucky to have two sexy, mature and passionate partners, her good fortune inevitably leaves her feeling guilty and fearful that she could wind up hurting one or both of us. I don't see how, so long as she continues to be open and honest and trusts me with being able to handle her having this other relationship.
Originally Posted by BraverySeeker View Post
Maybe I should worry about what a therapist could draw out of me. Hell, I didn't know I could deal with my wife having another lover until confronted with that actually happening. There have been lesser confessions that have followed, but with the doors blown open to the previously unimaginable, I'm a little fearful what I may say and whether it's anything my wife needs to hear or can handle.
I just want you to really see that you're using double standards. You want her to trust you with handling who she really is, but you're doubting her ability to handle the authentic you? Stop that!
Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.
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