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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
It appears that Terry is not sexually involved with you? Have you, your wife, and Terry talked about the nature of the relationships?

I happen to be a woman but I also have the stereotypical 'man' attitude of 'Oh no, partner is hurting! MUST FIX NOW!' I've learned that often this is less than helpful, especially in situations where the pain comes from outside situations -like your wife's relationship with Terry.
No...except that one time for my Birthday...Yes, we did talk when she ask how it would work, I explained that their relationship between Wifey (hereafter refered to as PK [LOL]) and Terry would be just that...theirs and that it was not expected that I be involved at all...I did mention that if they ever wanted to surprise me with another 'Birthday' adventure, I would not decline the opportunity...LOL

But seriously, we (PK, Terry, & I) did have an extensive discussion..and all was well until that night...even dinner went great, we we started our Bourbon Street adventure it was good...but as the night went on things sure if it was drinks, that we all were a little tired, or if it was actual jealousy (or if I just made it up in my head)

Nail on the head!!! I do have that 'must fix now' attitude and I already knew I should just stay out and support from afar, but as you know, it's hard watching your love one hurt and just let it happen... thanks for the advise.

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