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Which brings to mind a new question: What would you and other Senior Members think about my wife and I seeking a poly-minded therapist proactively? We talked about this last night.
"Senior members" means that a person has a certain number of posts on the forum. It has nothing to do with the quality of their posts or how much of a "poly expert" they are. A person could get to be a "senior member" by posting "Welcome" to new intros or by posting in the Word Association Game, etc.

That said -

Before anything could or does go wrong, my wife said maybe we should see a therapist together. I had already identified a sex- and poly-positive professional in our area -- one I'd be excited to meet whether I was her client or not. My wife seems game to go to her in a counseling capacity.
As a "senior member", I don't think this is a bad idea at all. I think most people try to "seek counseling" when they feel there is a problem they can't handle by themselves. Establishing a professional relationship with a counselor proactively would enable the counselor to collect information and gain insight as to what your baseline is during "good" times, and give them more to draw upon when it comes to helping you through a difficult situation or a crisis (similar to the way a physician does when he or she sees a client for their annual check-up).
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