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Default Need Advice On Wifey's Relationship

So….my Wife (yes, Wife now) has had her first girl experience and she loved it!

Short version, it was my birthday and it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! We all got drunk and it kinda just happened…

Now, Wifey and (I’ll call her Terry) have talked about starting a relationship…which I think is great! Especially since I suggested it…although we all had a great time, I know that Wifey wants an actual relationship. Since this is her first time being the pursuer, she asked me for my help. Me and Terry have had a good relationship (non-sexual prior to and since my B-Day) so it was an easy conversation that went well. She finds Wifey attractive so she was interested. After the initial talk, I have stayed out of their relationship and have given them time to figure things out…I went as far as to sleep on the couch when Terry stayed over so they could have some time together.

[Side NOTE: I know this may sound sexiest but I really left them alone to get busy…but they didn’t and I was the only one who was disappointed. so, since they had no intimate plans, the next night all three of us were in bed together…no need in my back hurting for nothing]

Anyway, so they have been talking and texting…we had a house warming which she attended and asked how was she supposed to act in front of others…Wifey and I are comfortable with our lives and told her that she needs to act as if they are dating and not to worry about what our friends think…which she did and it was all good.

At this point, everything is going great, in my opinion, we even made plans to all go to New Orleans to celebrate another friends B-Day… The friend who B-Day it was had no idea that Wifey was Bi…so at dinner Wifey sat between Terry and I and showed both of us affection…so now everyone knows the situation and our friends are GREAT; they just asked questions, excepted it, and we moved on! Later that night, on Bourbon Street…this is where I started noticing what I think is a hitch in our ‘Happy Ever After’! Wifey was trying to again split time between Terry and I when I noticed that Terry seemed a tad bit jealous of my time. I told Wifey she should spent more time with Terry and less (to none) with me for the rest of the night. But when she tried, Terry started to pull away…almost like ‘Don’t touch me’ type attitude. Since that night (which was Saturday night) Wifey has tried calling and texting with no response.

Again, this is Wifey’s first experience with being the pursuer so she has no idea how to, to me, seems like Terry may have had a change of heart about their ‘relationship’ and I don’t think Wifey see this (or better yet, I don’t think she wants to see it). See Wifey really likes Terry (after all, she was her first) and I don’t want to see her hurt…to this point, I have really stayed out of the whole situation. So, my question is should I continue to stay out of their relationship (which I think I should) or should I talk to Terry (after all, we are good friends) or should I talk to Terry and Wifey together (not my favorite option)?

Thanks in advance for reading and responding…
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