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Thank you, GG, for the somewhat boilerplate response. Not that there's a problem with that. There's a reason those exist... And there are definitely some good things to thing about in it, even though I hate bulletpoints.

Let me be clear about a couple of things: First off, this isn't an attempt to fix my marriage, or because I feel I can't be happy unless I'm getting something else. I adore my wife, absolutely and completely. While we have our share of problems, they don't threaten our foundations one iota. The two biggest issues we face are financial, and I don't know anyone who isn't having their share of those, and, frankly, sexual. Due in part to her medical issues, Mrs Wizzard's libido has diminished greatly, while mine has, shall we say, not. Or, at least, only slightly from my heady days as a young rakehell.

But it's alright. We have our moments, more now that we have more privacy.

Secondly, Cookie and I dated many, many years ago, and have remained very close friends in the intervening 2 and a half decades. So much so that I was the man-of-honor at her wedding a few years back. Her husband, a very nice man who I never had a chance to get to know well, died suddenly a couple of months ago.

I think that it would be fair to say that she and I have always known that there would come a time when we would be together again. We were both so terribly young and inexperienced at everything back then. The fact that the chance is coming NOW is nothing more than happenstance, really.

I have always had a problem with stating clearly what I want, particularly with women. I used to say I'd never been rejected by a woman, because I never tried to pick them up. I guess I still do say that... But I'm working on that, where my wife is concerned, and with Cookie, too.

So, what I'm thinking is that I will talk to Mrs Wizzard first, of course. I'll say (perhaps in a more drawn out way), "Remember how we've talked about polyamory in the past, and, in fact, you've given me permission to be with Cookie? Well, I think things have gotten to the point with us and with me that I would like to pursue that. What would make you comfortable with this?"

Then, if she approve, talk to Cookie, and say, "We've talked, how do you want to work this?"

Am I missing anything?
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