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Default Just starting off, and looking for pitfalls.

I'm a 44 yr old (as of this writing) heterosexual male (well, let's just say I'm about a 1, 1.5 on the Kinsey scale), married for nearly 20 years, 3 children, all grown.

I was involved in a poly relationship many years ago, before my wife. My GF at the time and I had a number of threesomes, both FFM and FMM, including one FFM that became a real relationship. I then managed to mess all that up by being, basically, a lazy unemployed bastard. Ah, youth...

My wife (Call her Mrs Wizzard) and I have discussed, over the years, the idea of converting our relationship to a poly one. We both agree that it makes sense, logically, but we've both been jealous of our time together - in the sense of being vigilant in maintaining what little time together we have. Between work and children, we've never really had the time, opportunity, or, frankly, inclination to do much else, and we love spending time together, so...

Now, the children are out of the house (well, one has boomeranged, but we think that's only temporary until he gets sick of our shit again). Mrs Wizzard told me, years ago, that she would be absolutely fine with my being involved with 2 specific other women. Fast forward to now, when we've moved nearer to one of them, Cookie, and feelings are... developing.

During the next "state of the union" conversation (usually undertaken either as pillow talk or during long drives) I am going to inform her that I think it's time for her and I to take our relationship to the "next level," that is to say, I would like to start a relationship with Cookie.

Cookie and I have discussed it ourselves, a while ago, and agreed that at the time, it just wasn't right. Mrs Wizzard's health wasn't good, and it felt like it would be kicking her while she was down. Furthermore, we lived, at that point, 1000 miles apart, and so it would not be just nipping off for dinner-and-a-cuddle, back in time to fix breakfast in the morning, but any relationship between us would have to involve actual travel. Now the distance has lessened considerably, and we're feeling very close emotionally.

Mrs Wizzard approves of Cookie greatly, to the point of joking about gay-marrying her. (And we all know that a joke contains elements of the truth.) My dearest hope is that we all fall madly in love with each other and just fall into one big love clump.

My greatest fear is that I would somehow lose both of them.
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