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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
It's a useful filter question. I do sometimes wonder what the people who answer "yes" are thinking.
As much as I disagree with them, it's surprising how many people would not even consider considering dating a woman who didn't shave her legs.

My husband and I got into this early in our relationship. He's very anti-hairy-women, and I'm a total hippie at heart. He wouldn't go down on me unless I was hair-free, because he hated getting the hairs stuck in his mouth. At first I was totally indignant about it, but it does have a logical basis. I don't like getting hairs stuck in my mouth, either, and it does rather ruin the mood when someone involuntarily gags on your privates...

But he's not stupid enough to try and "require" me to shave. He just set his own personal boundary: "I don't perform cunnilingus on hairy twats." (I'm putting words in his mouth, he was much more politically correct. I just like the word "twat.") It's my own choice whether to remove the hair, or forego that activity with him.

Hairy legs make him feel like he's in bed with a man. As much as I think that's just plain dumb, telling him how to feel about hairy legs would be just as inappropriate as him telling me I have to shave.

What does amuse me is that once I started removing the hair, I began to really like the look and feel of it, both legs/pits, as well as pubic. Oh, I still have an above-average tolerance for hairiness... but I no longer feel like I'm failing the women's movement by getting sugared once in a while.
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