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Oh yes, if it were up to this community and my ego were involved, I'm sure it would not just be bruised, but bloodied and dragged through the steets only to have its shallow grave shat upon. (public shamings are fun, i know!) But you poking at it tickles. Lucky for me, every post I've made in this thread have been to express my knowledge of the misuse of the word, my desire to be able to edit the original post, and attempting to direct the thread back in the direction I had hoped it would go in when I started it, which is to discuss and share stories of that relationship dynamic. Maybe I use too long of sentences because very few actually understand that's what I've been saying all along. Never have I claimed I wanted the title or knew what it meant. So, as you- the moderator- have once again taken it off topic, do you have anything to share about this relationship dynamic?
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