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Thank you. I absolutely do have a Plan B. I own my own (paid for) home in Oklahoma and will be keeping it. I also have a very good job to go to in TX. I've lived alone for 20 years and so have no problem with that if I have to go back on my own after living with him. No, he isn't able/willing to give me what I need, but I've been taking care of myself a long time. So, I really don't have anything to lose. And maybe there's something there for me. I'll always "wonder" if I don't go see. Until he presented me with this ... I hadn't even given it any real thought. So, I've come to this forum to see how people manage it. I did spend 4 days with him and just got back last night. Over those 4 days he spent one night over at her apt and then also one afternoon and I will say, I was really not upset by it. I was actually surprised at how it didn't bother me. Weird. LOL
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