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He didn't tell me about this until about 2 weeks into our planning on my moving there. Then he suddenly springs it on me and presents it as something I will accept or will not be allowed to come. This hurt me more than I can express.
So he hurts you really BAD. And you still plan to go there looking for MORE?

You plan a big life change and he is not supportive or responsive and he minimizes your worries.

He informed you 2 weeks before the move that BTW, there's another live in.

And you still want to go? This is thoughtful, considerate behavior HOW?

I would listen to your GUT. You DO have something to worry about here.

Be careful there. I wouldn't even move out there. Ugh. I wouldn't want to date him any more.

But if there you still choose to go? Sounds better to plan a move into your OWN apartment and continue to date him out in TX. Then if bad happens with sleepovers, you ALREADY have a place of your own and do not have to risk being thrown out homeless!

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