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I think that you're most likely right when you suggest that he's continued to ask me to move to TX even after believing that I would never come and pursuing other live-in relationships instead. He's lived with 3 women since we began seeing eachother. The reason I expected that the relationship with his current girlfriend would end was because he minimized it to me and told me it was more a relationship of convenience. Only after my coming to him and telling him I wanted to move in did he confess that there was more to it than that and that he loves her. They've been seeing eachother 2 years....some of which was spent living together. He didn't tell me about this until about 2 weeks into our planning on my moving there. Then he suddenly springs it on me and presents it as something I will accept or will not be allowed to come. This hurt me more than I can express. But, then I decided that it really wouldnt be any different than how we've fashioned the last 5 years. And I don't even know if I'll stay when I get there at this point. But I feel like I should at least be open to it since we've always dated other people anyway.
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