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Originally Posted by BlazenBurn View Post
I guess I'm a one of those mythical unicorns.

At first we talked about how "nice" it would be if we could form a triad. We had great fantasies about how we would all mesh together. Then we were hit by reality. Triads are not easy. Period. We were not able to make it work as a triad. Now we are in a Vee.
Ergo, you are not a mythical beast who fell out of the sky to join a perfectly balanced relationship with two other people. You're just a normal human being who happens to be polyamorous.

Calling them unicorns is never about saying that there are no women out there who want to be in a relationship with two other people. I know there are. The term stems from the fact that even with those intentions, the reality is that it usually doesn't work and ends up either in a Vee at best, or a big pile or heartache at worst.

The fundamental problem with this request isn't even that it's looking for a third person to add to their marriage. It's that someone is looking for a "perfect partner" and that's even less realistic than finding a compatible third wheel. I personally think no one is "perfect" for anyone. If they were, they wouldn't challenge you and neither of you would never grow. Well, that's my bias anyway.
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