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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Alright. Sounds like you know some of what feeds your soul then and what those soul practices are. See? That's something! Some folks do not know.

Is there a way to arrange time to do these things then so you can commune and do what you gotta do to refill that soul bucket and do some faith tending there?

Is any of those things, things you can share with the young man in question? Your lady? Photography? Perhaps photos of the things you love? Your hunting and animals and so on? I don't know if it could help but there's a book for caregivers called "Creating Moments of Joy." I told my GMIL I was pregnant a zillion times. She always forgot because of her alzheimer. So I'd just tell her again and she'd beam like it was christmas morning or something. My dad faces mental illness now so... even though not the same thing exactly perhaps checking that out of the library could help you create moments of joy for self or your people? I'm sure their spiritual healths could use some uplift. I don't know if there's resources books like that created for lymphoma.

I've done 5Ks for patients before -- I don't know if that's a doable in your world and if that would create a moment.

Crying is ok -- it's just another expression of emotion. So if you sense a floodgate thing in there somewhere and aren't yet ready to open it -- maybe create the time/space to approach that so you can open it on purpose and let it flow on through? I like doing that when it's time for release. I know I have to steam valve or else I risk popping at inappropriate times Bottling up is not option. But waiting to get to the right time/place of my choosing -- that helps me to bear it til I get there. Then I get there and just let it rip!

My! DH is so used to me there he doesn't bother with dainty things like kleenex. I've sobbed all over the man -- he calmly just gives me the shirt off his back sometimes because it's a much bigger hankie. Well, after nearly 20 years of living there's been those moments shared -- births, deaths, illness, what have you. I am glad you continue your relationship with you Dad in mind, heart and soul even if he's not long with you in body. I have a few of those myself.

I'm going to bed and I'll sleep on it and see if anything pops up.

Did you need stories? That's another spiritual practice too -- the spirit buddy thing and exchange of experiences in similar vein to aid someone else facing the thing NOW.

Is there something you want to know about in particular?

I know I'm fishing in dark waters there a bit because I don't know you very well. But I figure if it helps, it helps. If it doesn't, well... it's still something?

Glad to know it helps you somewhat. Thank you for the feedback. And you are welcome -- this business of being so very Human is sometimes a very bewildering Experience.


I am making time for myself as I can... I spent yesterday morning in the woods, hiking, etc...

You would think I would know how to handle death and medical issues, after all my mom was a nurse for 25 years, my brother and his wife are Critical care RNs, one sister is a Hospice Nurse, another sister is a retired cardiac nurse. Somehow all the information missed me on how to deal with this "stuff".

As for crying... I do that, privately. I still feel like I have to be the strong rock for everyone to lean on. So they feel safe and secure in the world. It has been my role since my Dad passed away, not sure how to change that. Sometimes being the oldest boy, sucks big time.

I will try to find something to do to for them... The boy has no interest in anything I do for relaxation.. video games and punk rock music seem to be his only interests...

I do have some very nice "photos" that I would love to print, and give to my lady (lets call her "R"). She is an artist and loves my photography.

She wants me to be able to show off my work, but I do not have a place to show off some of it, as it is the artistic nude work, or bodyscapes and to many "normal" people look at it as porn....

Thank you again, and I would love to hear some things you have discovered to help deal with issues...
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