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I tried to send you a PM, but either you've chosen not to receive them or they're blocked somehow, so I'll post it here:

In any community, unfortunately there's always going to be a few jerks. Sometimes I'll reply to one of them, but I have no delusions that it's ever going to change THEIR mind. Sometimes I personally feel the opposing view needs to be represented in a publicly viewable thread, but there's no reason on earth why YOU need to respond to someone you feel is being being a jerk or disrespecting you. You can use the "Ignore" feature, if you want, and just not see their posts, or choose to not reply to them as they're being spectacularly unhelpful and not discussing what you want to discuss.

Both of my partners have left this forum because they didn't care to deal with the jerks. I stayed because I have good interactions with enough people to make it worth dealing with the others. Either choice is valid, just make the one that works best for you. I hope you're able to find the answers you're looking for, here or elsewhere.

ETA: I think my favorite is the first one you posted- Superglue holds everything together!!
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