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That Is the go part for women but for men will benefit from the sperm if he can keep it in other words if you hold your sperm and do not ejaculate will benefit your body in many ways if you can go for a 100 days without ejaculation the benefits are greater than taking vitamins or testosterones hard core practitioners of yoga chi kung tai chi and meditation do this to gather anergy for spiritulity and many benefits all this is base in holding the sperm there are different practices and different ways the Taoist do it also the Buddhist t still us mortal can benefit form this to just hold it and mediate or do tai chi or yoga if you can hold your sperm for 100 days and Iím no saying donít have sex you Im saying hold it you can regain youth and energy but if you lose it all the time you lose your heir youíll get impotent youíll lose testosterone plus other important substance now you can also ejaculate every two months or every 300 days just ones that way youll only lose your part of your old sperm and produce new one now you have to try to keep some of the sperm that you already gather before never run on a anti-tank
the Book the Tao of sex will help with this

PS I being raying this for some time now and the most I have done was 3 months now Iím back on training and I have being having sex with my wife for 3 weeks no ejaculation
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