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I have to say I agree with the poor guy who started out by asking a some what simple question... There was a lot of negative blow back. I am in a relationship and would also like to find another girlfriend who can maybe come to love this amazing man that is in my life. I would love the whole family thing and she wouldn't be secondary to me at all. Maybe it would feel different for some people if we were married but I'm not sure I want to do the legal thing a good old fashion handfast is what I'm thinking...

I am on ok cupid and have meet some like minded people there. The only thing I would say is there is no way of knowing how love is going to turn out when you do add another woman. I have a gf I care for very deeply and her me. The three of us have been all together and it was awesome but she doesn't love him and may never. I guess then it becomes about respect and openess with both. I would still like the communal living thing. Don't think I will have that with her but I am still hopeful, my parents had a gf for over 30 years... The gf was a traveler and kind of came and went with her artistic wind blew her but there was real soild love between the 3 of them. I know my mom said it was work and in the begining they hit some bumps but at least I know it can happen.
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