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And what this entire thread has missed is the point that te title I used was not the intended point of this thread. Hell I even EXPLICITLY stated the questions I had and several discussion topics in the first post. Furthermore, I apologized for my use of the term, requested to have the topic deleted several times as this seems to have turned into nothing more than a 'bash the idiot newbie thread'.

I can't express enough how much I understand that I fucking misused one term. I did not expect to have a community I had pegged as being open and safe suddenly become militarized against me. And then try to inform me just how wrong I really am and how wrong my responses to admitting I was wrong really are. And then furthermore state that this defensive behavior is somehow dysfunctional. That right there is a DIRECT character insult not even veiled in discussion.

Here's a fun fact! I can't even edit my original post to display this newfound knowledge this community has forcibly instilled in me. Yet I am still expected to sit here hearing the same objections by different people!

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