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Poly saturation about to set in, I think....

had such a lovely weekend with C. Cooked 2 great dinners for him.. it makes me so very happy to cook for someone I love. Also spent some time alone in his house while he was at work, which was great, just the silence and the quiet and also the trust he has in me, giving me his key and letting me in, in so many ways.

I am very, very protective of my house and my space, and it would take me a long time to do this for someone, so it seemed like a really big deal to me. I also realized how weird this is, when you look at it from the outside.. to C., I am his girlfriend, who knows where he keeps the blender and who knows the way to the nearest supermarket and who knows how to handle the weird faucet in the bathroom. But I'm also the woman who goes home to her husband after the weekend, and who is sitting next to said husband on the couch, when he (C) texts me to say that we had such a lovely time and that he misses me. I don't know, there's no drama here, just sometimes it feels like I play a part in some surrealistic indie movie

Just when I came home, MrBrown texted me with suggestions for dates. Had to say no to all of them, and after a couple of days he suggested something else and so I'm going to see him next week... we need a good talk about our different communication styles, but I'm looking forward to reconnecting. And SO glad I waited until he was ready and proposed to meet.

But that's not all... did I mention Cute Bi Guy yet? I think I'll call him BG met him on OKC, we started emailing. He writes the most beautiful emails that look like letters out of a 19th century novel. I'm a sucker for beautiful language and we got into this highly formal, yet slightly naughtly, witty and smart emailexchange. I have to say the fact that he is bi is a real turn on and so very intriguing. It's one of my most secret sexual fantasies to witness 2 guys having sex...

Anyway, we met for drinks, had a great time, great chemistry, a little kiss when saying goodbeye, lots of emails since, trying to schedule date # 2. No idea where this will go. I'm sure not looking for yet another guy to sleep with and I don't think I could handle another real relationship. But a friendship with a little flirting and maybe some sexual acitivities... hmm... maybe he can help me fulfil this longtime fantasy of mine?

And there's more....
I got an email from a guy I dated a couple months last year. He broke it off because while he knew about my husband from the beginning, he found that he could not really deal with the fact I had more than 1 lover. Not that he wanted me for himself, he wasn't looking for anything serious, it was just too complicated and unsettling for him. We parted on good terms. Now he says he's changed and has become more relaxed about things and would like to meet to catch-up. I really liked him as a person, he's very smart and funny and we always had a great time. We had great sexual chemistry while emailing, flirting, talking and kissing, but the couple of times we had actual sex, this wasn't a huge success... so I'm not really looking to rekindle that part of our relationship. But, like with BG, we'll see where it goes... pfff... my poly plate sure is full.
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