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Well...funny u say that. My eventual thought was to have more of a three way relationship. But because i have been uncomfortable seeing him with someone else in the past...i thought getting used to the idea first would help and we would move on from there. We are more like a vee right now. She is over constantly... which is fine. We share after each others kids...all of that. Though i still want to remain the queen. Lol.
This weekend though was a kind of set back for me. He was on a hunting trip and it was my dead sons birthday. He has ALWAYS been there to help me through it. So not having him home was especially hard. I found out though that I waz not the first one on his mind in the morning...or the last one at night. They talked/texted MUCH more than he and i did. I felt very unimportant to him right then. And pushed aside. I relayed my feelings to both of them. She completely understood... he did too after some arguing.
He has also told me he would not be comfortable with "sharing" me...i am his world. And i am fine with that. I dont want to. He really is wonderful 99.9% of the time.
So honest opinions here...given the information from this this a sign that its moving past the "we're more than very close friends who occasionally have no strings attached sex with each other" stage? If so...thays ok. I need to reprioritize what feelings and emotions i am dealing with. Thanks all for ur input. Interested (extremely) to see what u guys think.
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