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You're very welcome. I truly do understand how you are feeling as I went through the same thing when my husband & the friend of ours were dating each other and I wasn't involved. I found myself, just like you, comparing everything he did for her & measuring it with what he did for me. It will truly drive you insane & cause more problems then it's worth.

It is very difficult to deal with, sharing that person you love most in the world. That's why trying a triad might be better suited for you as then you will be involved also & won't feel like you're on the outside or being left on the upside you'll get twice as much attention!!!! Or maybe even try dating someone yourself.

But you can't compare & measure what he does for her to what he does for you, it will just drive you more have to maybe look at it from the view that it's like a new relationship, you know when you first meet someone & you get all giddy to see them, can't wait to talk to them, etc....well that's sort of what your husband & her are going through. It's new & exciting.

I of course don't know you or your husband or the whole situation but from what you've said & this is just my opinion I would say that yes the relationship between your husband & friend has progressed beyond just friends w/ benefits....they might not even be aware of it. But I definitely think there are feelings involved & developing and that's only natural.
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