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Thanks altworld. And u too Kevin. My eventual plan is to mayb get involved in mre of a triad type situation. I think we're more like a vee right now...shes at our house CONSTANTLY!! And thats ok. This weekend was kind of a set back for me though. It was my dead sons birthday and hubby was out of town. He NEVER has been gone on this particular day and it was even harder than usual because of it. I found out that he called her or texted her when he got up before he did me...and talked to her MUCH longer (about 5 times as much) than we did. It made me feel very unimportant. I did tell both how i felt and she understood. After some did he. Lol.
Being completely this possibly a sign that its progressing to the "more than very close friends who sleep with each othef on occasion" stage? If so...i need to work harder at dealing with those feelings.
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