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Originally Posted by haruki View Post
obviously I was not aware that this forum would be so filled with such gender-normative members focused on such semantical bullshit. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused due to my misuse of a frivolous and(unbeknownst to me) gender-specific term. All I can say is that I WAS generally looking for a discussion, but most of what I found was only criticism on specific word usage. I am asking to have this topic deleted as such.Here I thought this community would be a safe place filled with at least open-minded people. I regret to admit I was (mostly)wrong. Again, sorry... This community-aside from a few members- has left a bitter taste of the horribly stereotypical hetero-normative world in my mouth and I will find a different venue for my questions in the future.
hey haruki. However its been said, the fact remains that a unicorn, by definition is, a single bi woman who a couple seek to join them with the understanding that not only is she super hot, but will look after the kids, clean the house, do what she is asked in bed and won't have another outside lover. The reason such lovelies are called unicorns is because they don't exist. They are mythical. They do for a weekend sometimes. Or sometimes upwards of that if they are broke, have no where to go and/or long for someone to show their own kid some love so they expect the couple to do that... At least those are some examples that I have come across here on the forum.

Having said all that, definitions change. Descriptions follow. If you want to own the word unicorn, go right ahead. Just realize the history. I think its only fair no? Out of respect for those of us who have been hunted by couples and really hurt and abused by the promises made under its title at least (some peoples frustration with someone coming here and using this term.

I'm not sure about the whole hetro-normative stuff you were talking about... Because its a hetro term? Far from normal no? There's some bi in there I guess, so ya, still not getting that part. Please explain further?

There are lots of stories and threads to read on this topic if you wish to have some education in order to understand the tenderness of this topic. I welcome you to do a tag search of "unicorn" to find out more here. Or go to the larger internet. Its not an uncommon word. As to removing posts and threads here; I'm sorry, I can't do that for the reasons you suggest. There are guidelines to read also in another part of this forum if you wish to know what can be removed and what can't. This also includes who gets infractions and who doesn't and for what.

I for one would love to see this term turned on its heals somehow. Unfortunately the hunting of unicorns is super prevalent. I would guess more so than anything else when it comes to attempting poly. I personally would like to see the term and its common definition spread far and wide as a way to make couples think before searching for their coupled hearts desire before breaking apart the term to include other nuances to the word. Likely not to happen, but at the very least the discussion right here, right now means its again talked about and discussed so that people can re-hash its meaning and the emotionally loaded stories that go with that.

What is it you wanted to discuss haruki? Maybe this discussion could start again for you?
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