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First date with G got postponed to today. I'm cautiously excited and hope to gain a friend if nothing else. We are grabbing coffee after work. I'm taking it as yet another sign that my upcoming move (I'm moving from the city I live in to the town I work in about an hour away - will take me from a 70 min commute to a 7 min commute) that he lives nearby the town I work in, about 35 mins away. We're meeting halfway at a little cafe in an even smaller town to grab a cup of coffee and chat. Since I am going directly from work, not too much prep. I packed a spare shirt (my shirts tend to get dirty at work) that is pretty and flattering, some earrings to match, and my make up bag for a quick touch up.

I was starting to feel pretty meh about G since he was flaky about rescheduling until the last minute, but when he did touch base to firm up plans yesterday, he was prepared with a venue to suggest, a time, etc, so that earned him back a couple points.

C has, amusingly, popped back in and asked me out. My conjecture is he had someone else he was interested in and he wanted to see how that played out. I've agreed to a coffee Sunday morning. Pretty sure I don't want a relationship with him, but I can always use more friends.

Another guy I haven't mentioned here yet, Z, who I have been corresponding with a couple weeks, asked me out for tomorrow night. I don't think I can go on account of child care, but I suggested a Saturday afternoon coffee instead. He's a bit younger than me which makes me nervous (not that much younger but the whole - different ages, different stages) thing, but I admit, it's nice to feel pursued and that he asked me first.

Still casually chatting with/randomly flirting with Marty. In my oh so subtle (read: blunt as a.. uh... really blunt thing) way, I told him I'd be game for resuming our more intimate activities, and he should let me know when he was free. I'm firmly putting the ball in his court this time. Last time around, it was all on me to handle all scheduling, and half the time I got turned down, so... not going there again. Enjoying picking up the friendship if nothing else.

I am highly entertained because I had basically decided to give up dating, and now I have four guys circling around. Is there some vibe you put off when you don't want to date that suddenly makes people interested? It's sure a nice confidence boost!
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