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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
It's a useful filter question. I do sometimes wonder what the people who answer "yes" are thinking.
can you search for specific questions? I haven't managed to find out how.

I've been getting at least 6 messages over the past couple of weeks of single guys, looking for their 'soul mate - someone to settle down with'.

Why would someone write that to a woman who states she's poly in the first sentence of the first paragraph of her profile? and then not mention the poly part in your message to me?

Also, I say in my profile not to contact me if you're living in another country, because I'm not looking for pen pals - even for friendships / non-romantic conections, I like to have the option of meeting someone in person. I'm in Europe, and last week, I got messages from Florida, Brazil, Italy (5 countries south of where I am) en Seattle.

So far, I've always to tried to reply to everyone who says more than 'hi how r u' in a first message, but I'm getting tired of typing out thoughtful responses to guys who can't read....
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