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I'm a heterosexual woman in a loving and committed relationship with a bisexual man. We've discussed many, many different types of relationship styles; swinging, open, poly... Triads/dyads/V style... I could go on and on...
We're yet to make up our minds on what we want. We're in no rush... We have plenty of things to enjoy and build in our life.

I tend to sense it's not so easy for men to fess up to some female partners that they like men. My love is nearing 50 and I'm the first partner he's told..

I encourage the OP to dwell on his desires and thoughts, remain mindful and open and to not stress out too much not knowing who you are immediately. We are all works in progress and our honest exploration of who we are, what we like and don't like and our commitment to learning and growing is possibly all we really have.

But yes... Here is one chick who has contemplated sharing my male love with another male love/r.
I never think I'm alone in the world :-)
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