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I'll say it again - you guys are amazing! Thanks so much.

I think this captures it all very well:

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
What I am going to say has largely been said already - but I'll add my slant.

I have hearing two different things from his side here:


The first part sounds like a "NO" to something and the second part sounds like a "YES" to something else. So you need to clarify with him what you are offering and what he is, and is NOT, accepting.

And as it turns out he is looking for nothing more than a hanging out buddy. He doesn't want to get involved sexually - simple as that.

But it's been really interesting to see how people have looked at the "being the second person in a V" question. I suppose it depends so much on the people involved.

And your insight has been invaluable! And greatly appreciated!
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