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What makes my soul soar? I would most likely be told how terrible I am for the things I do, that get my spirit in tune..

I like you go to the borderlands... the mountains soothe me, relax me..

Sometimes it can be as simple as sitting on a stump, listening to the breeze moving through the grass and leaves of the aspen trees... or it can be as complicated as listening t the elk bugling as they go through their fall mating ritual.

To really get my bucket refilled, it takes time, sitting on a river fishing, going hunting, and watching the wildlife interact as I creep through the woods looking for the deer that will become the venison on my plate.
(yes, I am very respectful of my quarry! And yes, I thank the spirits for their sacrifice to feed me!) That to me is just as religious as someone sitting in a church and listening to some man preach at them on how they are supposed to believe.

I also do photography. I photograph wildlife, and nature. I also dabble a small amount in artistic nudes, and bodyscape photography. I also create the ammunition that I shoot from my firearms. I can spend hours, reloading, whistling, remembering times spent doing the same thing with my dad.

So yes, I do creative things. I, also, do simple hidden things to help people as well.. I am not an attention seeker for what I do, so do not do things publicly.

To be honest, I have no clue where I am spiritually anymore.. I have taken so many hits over the last year and a half, I am just not sure anymore... I do need to pay attention to that, and take care of myself in that respect. In fact, I have started in the last week, as it is fall and hunting season is open. I went out opening morning, and had my annual talk with my dad, about the prospects of deer hunting without him again, since he passed, there have been almost 20 of these conversations. Always ending with me in tears, but knowing he is beside me watching, listening, waiting with me.

I feel like I am rambling here... sigh. I feel a flood gate opening, if I allow it... not sure I can face that flood, just yet.

Thank you again, for hearing me.. both you and LovingRadiance...
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