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Also, my room is my safe-place. With anxiety and severe depression issues, there are times I need my privacy NOW. So, its critical to me that my room be always free and available to me with nothing in it to trigger anxiety or stress. Its my temple of peace.
So, no one in it without my explicit invite.

Maca chooses to share my room (there is space for him to have his own). That means OUR room is off limits. That has t'd off a woman or two. They assume I am taking away something from them by not allowingfor him to have them in here. But-make no mistake, it is MY room. He can set up the other room to his delivht for use with whomever he wishes.
No drama, no bs, no lovers in mine.

Likewise with my bathroom.
GG feels the same regarding his room.

Shrug. Its not something we go tossing out at everyone who enters-but if it comes up, they find doors locked and wonder why, we are straight up that these rooms are off limits. Even the kids know that.
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