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Marcus-that is how I am with those who don't live with me. It has worked VERY well for me in that venue.

However, I am quite the demanding lerson in regards to my children. That has the effect of exerting a great deal of control over my home.
For most people this has seemed an obvious and expected fact. But, since entering into a poly dynamic, there have been a few who felt that because Maca ang GG live here then my rules shouldn't be 'the bottom line'. That has backfired nastily in terms of their welcome in my home.
As far as I am concerned, its my castle and they are both welcome to live elsewhere. But, until the children are all grown, this is my domain to run as I se fit.
Ironically-that hasn't been an issue with ANYONE who has lived here as my rules are very basic. But, a few potential partners of Macas wanted their desires for rrules here to be foremost to him (they have their own homes) and found that themselves quite offended that there was no option for that.

Jane-I agree. The rules regarding sex, outside of safety, aren't hardly significant to me compared to finances (which I manage), household chores, kid responsibilities. But those I classify as agreements more than rules. However, when a new comer gets snippy-we have all been known to say 'sorry-against our rules' and continue on.
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