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I was raised in the Christian church, sent to Christian schools, etc...

I have, however, gone from there, to not believing in ANY organized religion, to not believing in Christianity, or a Christian god. I have always leaned more towards the Native American belief system. Not any one in particular, more of a hodge podge.

So, to answer you, no I do not feel my faith is being tested. I am not sure you could say I have a specific enough faith to be tested.

I will take a look at you link (thank you very much, I appreciate it), and see if it applies at all.

Yes, I feel like my light is very dim right now. Not shining through the thick fog at all. It has just been a very rough year and a half, and I would really like it to start swinging towards my favor for a change.

I had to call and file a complaint yesterday in response to how my lady was treated by a company. I had to call back and apologize, for how I sounded. I just went a bit to far.

Thank you so much for hearing me.... it is so hard to have family, but even though they listen to what you are saying, they do not hear.
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