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Do you feel like your faith is being tested? You bring that up twice already.

I do not know your spiritual/religious beliefs/denominaton might be or where your faith development stage process is at. I do not want to intrude or assume at a fragile time in your life.

But I wanted to share that I do know the rage of that. I experienced that rage at the death of my grandfather. "Furious God would allow such a thing..." and well. All that stuff. It's powerful stuff to feel.

It marked the change from stage 3 to stage 4 for me in my faith development on the Fowler chart. (and I did not know what that even meant until much later! I would have felt SO much better at the time had someone gave me that chart -- so in case it could help, I give you the link. Maybe it doesn't help at all! )

But yes. BTDT. Both with crisis of faith and then enduring serious dx in loved ones and having to bear it.

Keep hanging in there. Shine on even though your inner light is dim or wobbly right now.

I do still see you. I cannot relieve you of your suffering but I can take on a bit of that burden -- to read and respond and thus let you know you do not suffer alone and unseen and unheard.

I see you.
I see you.
I see you.



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