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Default Non labels

Yes, I too agree to everything you said about "labels". I think I really just need to know how "open" she wants us to be. I feel like I want to treat her like a "girlfriend" in public, although I do not care what we label it (or not have one). I really just need to get her comfort level on the whole thing.

Yes, my husband and I have discussed if she ends up just wanting a relationship with me - he is fine with this. He has admitted that it makes him so happy to see us together. However, I almost feel that she is keeping him at a distance because she is worried about me and my feelings - hence, the reason we need to have a more detailed talk. She has asked him to lunch (without me specifically), so I know she enjoys his company. Just not sure if it is / could be romantically.

Since this is unchartered waters for me / us, I thought I would reach out to the forum. Your advice has been great! I just dont want to be looked at strange by her that I am open to sharing my husband - to most this may seem weird. As you all know - its not

I appreciate all the feedback and appreciate your time! THANKS AGAIN! Loving this new life I am experiencing! I have never felt so open and close with my husband or with a friend! Life is good ;-)
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